The Killers

Now here’s a small mini personal post about one of my favorite bands. This particular band are The Killers. The band has been playing since 2001 right the Las Vegas Nevada. Now this isn’t a history lesson about the band itself, it’s more of a description as to why I love and enjoy the band.

The primary reasons as to why I love this band is because most of their songs have a certain sentimental value to them. You see fellow reader, if you know a little bit about this band, and even if you don’t, I’ll indulge you a bit. The band itself play a very well known song of theirs called Mr. Brightside and the song itself is known as the most accurate jealousy song. Here I’m leaving a link to their music videos.


Given that this is one of the most known songs that they have, they have a plethora of songs from all 5 of their albums. Now I’ll leave a number of other songs by them at the end of the post but more of that later. The primary reason as to why I enjoy the songs they have to offer is because most of them are very relatable to certain situations I’ve encountered myself including several of other people. Everyone’s felt the feelings from the song “Bones”, everyone’s been a “Mr.Brightside”, everyone’s had a “Miss Atomic Bomb”, etc. Some songs that I highly recommend you listen to fellow reader would have to be “The way It was”, “This is your life,” “All these things that I’ve done” among others.

Moral here is that these songs by this very good band can really touch your soul in a very cruel and or sad way but inside them you can learn a lesson in them as well.

Here a  few songs mentioned earlier for you listening pleasures.


Miss Atomic Bomb

The way it was

This is your life

All these things that I’ve done


Physical Science

So this semester I’ve been taking a video-journalism class and this right here is one if the tests that we’ve conducted. To go more in depth, I used my classmate Hector Pagan who happens to be one of my closest friends. He studies physical science or to the untrained “personal training”.

Here he explains as to why he’s studying in La Universidad de Sagrado Corazon. As well as seeing him work out he explains several details about what his bachelors consists of as well.

“It’s not a Phase Mom!”


Here we have a rather intricate set of interviews I’ve conducted on a few students on my universities campus. I talk to them about what kind of music they listened to back in 2009 where most of us were starting out our “Emo Phase”.

So if you’re interested, take a gander and listen to our phase that isn’t a phase.


Here we have a small sample of songs mentioned earlier:

For Taylor I’ve chosen some Hannah Montana

For Magda I’ve chosen some Black Veil Brides

For Grace I picked one of my personal favorites:

For myself I chose a song that’s pretty special for me. Frank Sinatras “My Way”:


What is the Internet To me?

Well truth be told, the Internet to me is a multi-tool. A large wide multi tool with a variety of uses. Be it searching for something you thought about around 3:00 am or proving a friend wrong about something you possibly were wrong about as well. I mean that’s primarily one of the things people use the Internet. I mean no joke, I’ve done this countless of times but I’m only human. One of the primary uses I get out of the Internet is music. Just looking for new types and listening to music. But what truly moves me on the internet is either memes or photography. I mean yeah it sounds ridiculous, but memes is something that I truly enjoy finding on the Internet. I mean yeah it’s a little bit unorthodox but still, it’s something that entertains me. To be honest the internet to me will forever be a a search engine for memes, music and photography.


Hey, hey, hey fellow readers…

Well now since you’re on here, and the fact that the name of the site pretty much states that I’ll be taking about several things. Stuff if you will. But to detail what kind of stuff, I’ll be talking photography and most particularly my photography. Photos that I’ve been taking throughout the years. One other thing that you’ll find here is talking about high- end toys imported and mainland toys. Funny side note, some of the photos that you’ll see are gonna be about toys due to the fact that my strong suit is toy photography. Yeah it’s exactly how it sounds. But more of that when you read about it. One very important thing that you’ll find here and that I hold up high is music and a primary factor of this blog is going to be me talking about my favorite bands, songs, and/or genre’s of music. Being also that I do enjoy to cosplay as well, I might as well talk about some photos I’ve taken at conventions and some friends whom I know that cosplay and they do it exceedingly well. So If you like random topics, photos, toys(doubt that one) music, and cosplays, stick around and read up and gaze into my work and listen to some tunes.