Hey, hey, hey fellow readers…

Well now since you’re on here, and the fact that the name of the site pretty much states that I’ll be taking about several things. Stuff if you will. But to detail what kind of stuff, I’ll be talking photography and most particularly my photography. Photos that I’ve been taking throughout the years. One other thing that you’ll find here is talking about high- end toys imported and mainland toys. Funny side note, some of the photos that you’ll see are gonna be about toys due to the fact that my strong suit is toy photography. Yeah it’s exactly how it sounds. But more of that when you read about it. One very important thing that you’ll find here and that I hold up high is music and a primary factor of this blog is going to be me talking about my favorite bands, songs, and/or genre’s of music. Being also that I do enjoy to cosplay as well, I might as well talk about some photos I’ve taken at conventions and some friends whom I know that cosplay and they do it exceedingly well. So If you like random topics, photos, toys(doubt that one) music, and cosplays, stick around and read up and gaze into my work and listen to some tunes.


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