What is the Internet To me?

Well truth be told, the Internet to me is a multi-tool. A large wide multi tool with a variety of uses. Be it searching for something you thought about around 3:00 am or proving a friend wrong about something you possibly were wrong about as well. I mean that’s primarily one of the things people use the Internet. I mean no joke, I’ve done this countless of times but I’m only human. One of the primary uses I get out of the Internet is music. Just looking for new types and listening to music. But what truly moves me on the internet is either memes or photography. I mean yeah it sounds ridiculous, but memes is something that I truly enjoy finding on the Internet. I mean yeah it’s a little bit unorthodox but still, it’s something that entertains me. To be honest the internet to me will forever be a a search engine for memes, music and photography.


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